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What is a drone?

What I, essentially, understand by drone is that it’s a hover platform. Now what is a hover platform? Well any flying object that can maintain a fixed point mid-air for a period of time is said to be hovering. And a hover platform allows you multiple applications subject to one’s requirements.

How can anyone get access to a drone? How much would it cost?

You can buy these drones online, and of course we are sellers ourselves and we can provide you with beginner kits that are available and quite easy to use. And the cost of drones ranges from ₹10000 to ₹60000 depending on functionality and complexity of features in the drone.

The history of Dronotics stems from the fact that we were, initially, a software development company incorporated in 2009; and in 2013 after a successful run in the software business, wherein we developed imaging apps for both android and iOS— it was a natural transition to move into the next level of imaging— an eye in the sky, giving the entire process of imaging a physical form.

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